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Distribution Board 3 to 24 module

Distribution Boxes

Distribution Board 3 to 24 module Key Features:

•AKi 03 to AKi 24 •Ingress protection: IP65 •Impact resistance: IK 08 •Rated insulation voltage AC: 400 V •Material: Polycarbonate •Hinged window: Polycarbonate, transparent •Sealing: Polyurethane •Cover screw: Polyamide 6, fiberglass reinforced •Double Insulation •Small-scale distributors •3 - 24 distribution units •PE/N terminal, with each 1 clamping point 16 mm² •Clamping points 6 mm² •Elastic entries on top •Masking and labelling strips •Insulating seals •Additional double-membrane seals •Silicone-free: Yes •UV Resistant •Ambient temperature (max.): 80 °C •Ambient temperature (min.): -35 °C