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About Radiant Energy Enterprises

Radiant energy enterprises is run by truly professional with a experience of 25 years in the field of electrical technology which has helped to provide innovative, cost effective solutions for all Lightening protection system and chemical earthing solution. We are providing the best quality system to our valuable clients. Our products are manufactured under stringent quality controls and meets to the international standard. + Read More

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Cable Routing KTS

Our expertise lies in designing cable Routing and raceways as per customer’s requirement and providing these all over India and abroad. + Read More

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Lightning Protection System

Lightning is a capricious, random and unpredictable event. Its physical characteristics include current levels sometimes in excess of 100 kA and speeds approaching one third the speed of light. Globally, some 2000 on-going thunderstorms cause about 100 lightning strikes to earth each second. + Read More

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Chemical Earthing Solution

The process of connecting metallic bodies of all the electrical apparatus and equipment to huge mass of earth by a wire is called Earthing.

The term earthing means connecting the neutral point of supply system or the non current carrying parts of the electrical apparatus to the general mass of earth in such a manner that all times an immediate discharge of electrical energy takes place.+ Read More

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Surge Protection Device

Our dependency on electrical and electronic equipment continues to increase, in both our professional or private lives. Data networks in companies or emergency facilities are lifelines for an essential real time information exchange. + Read More

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Cable Routing

Cable management refers to the installation of equipment to secure cables for electrical services in a building. The term is used for products. + Read More

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