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Cable Routing KTS

Cable Routing

Cable Routing KTS Key Features:

Our expertise lies in designing cable Routing and raceways as per customer’s requirement and providing these all over India and abroad. Cable Routing system comprising cable Routing and associated fittings forms a rigid structure used to securely fasten and support cables. These can be used both overhead and underground. Use of cable Routing makes maintenance and replacement of cables much easier and enhances the life of cables.

Types of Cable Routing:

We deal in both Ladder-Type cable Routing and Perforated Types cable Routing. Their perforations allow air circulation and drainage and also entry/exit points for small cables. Normally these are kept open at top. However, if required, we can also provide their cover for extra protection. Cable tray cover has no perforations.

Unlike to perforated and ladder type Routing, there are Solid Bottom Routing available. These are also called Cable Channels or Cable Troughs. However, these are not popular and seldom used.

Material Used :

Cable Routing are commonly made of galvanized steel, stainless steel cable Routing or aluminum sheets. On specific demand, we can also provide cable Routing made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Unlike metallic Routing, these are completely non-conductive and, therefore, do not need to be grounded. These Routing are fully chemical and corrosion resistant.

Thickness :

Depending on load of cables, the thickness of cable Routing may vary from 1 mm to 4 mm.

Finishing :

•Pre-galvanized (recommended for indoor use)

•Hot dip galvanized (recommended for indoor / outdoor use)

•Painted (recommended for indoor use)

•Powder coated (recommended for indoor use)

•Epoxy coated (recommended for indoor / outdoor use)

Cable Routing Accessories :

We supply also clamping and supporting accessories like Clamp, Coupler Plate, Elbow. Bend, Junction Box, Tee and Reducer etc. that are used with cable Routing to provide a complete and functional tray system.

Advantages :

•Our cable Routing are easy to assemble and strong.

•These do not corrode and require hardly any maintenance.

•These have high mechanical resistance, excellent chemical resistance and long long-lasting service life.

•Use of cable Routing makes replacement of cables much easier and enhances their life.