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Astronomical Time Switch

Timers & Sensors

Astronomical Time Switch Key Features:

Astronomical time switch with weekly program

° 1 channel
° 56 memory locations
° 10 year Battery Backup (lithium battery)
° Astronomical time switch tunction (automatic calculation of sunrise and
sunset times for the whole year)

 ° Offset tor adiusting ot sunrise and sunset times
 ° Fixed ON-OFF switching times can be programmed
 ° Simulation of switching times (calculated astronomical times and
programmed ON/OFF switching times)
 ° Reversible astronomical mode (evenings ON - mornings OFF or
evenings OFF - mornings ON) or can be deactivated

° Text-oriented user guidance in display

° Interface for OBELISK top2 memory card (PC programming)
° Zero-cross switching for relay-saving switching and high lamp loads
° Calculated astronomical switching times
° Programmable ON-OFF switching times
° Switching preselection
° Permanent switching ON/OFF ®
° Integrated operating hour counter
° Holiday program
° Display back light (can be turned off) W
° PIN coding
° Automatic summer/winter time changeover